Form Reform Data Picker

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Extend Form Reform with data picking input blocks.

Turn tables and JSON data into data picking form inputs.

  • Table Picker input - pick from cells in a table.
  • Calendar Picker input - pick events from a calendar.
  • Table as Select input - populate a grouped select input from a table.
  • JSON as Select input - populate a grouped select input from JSON data.
  • Result Picker input - pick from form submissions listed by Form Reform Display or Reviews.

These inputs all work in a similar way to attach to an HTML or JSON table, or a list of form results, and populate the form input from that table.

Form Reform already has some very flexible input blocks for checkbox and radioset lists and matrices, and various select and grouped select inputs. The benefits of Form Reform Data Picker come when the data is large or dynamic, or can be better presented visually in a table, or when you have specific source requirements. For example, where pulled from an uploaded and updated CSV, from a database query, or from an external source such as an API.

Result Picker

The Result Picker input can be used with listings from Form Reform Display and Reviews to select prior form submissions and provides the basis for building multi-user multi-form workflows.

To facilitate building workflows, Form Reform Data Picker provides form handlers to work with the Result Picker input to

  • Update Default Store
  • Delete From Default Store
  • Read From Default Store