Form Reform

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Reform the way forms are built. Build a form out of blocks. Take control of how forms are processed, where submissions are sent and how the data is stored.

Form Reform radically simplifies and enhances the way forms are designed, processed, and managed on your website. Form Reform redefines the approach to form creation, utilising the robust block system of Concrete CMS to offer unparalleled flexibility and ease of use.

Key Features

  • Block-Based Input Elements: Each form input is implemented as a block type, integrating seamlessly with the Concrete CMS block design and layout system.
  • Versatile Form Design: Forms can be laid out with the same ease as arranging page elements, allowing for creative designs that are not limited by traditional form builders.
  • Configurable Submission Pipeline: Customize how form submissions are processed with a pipeline of handlers, enabling actions like spam checking, field validation, data saving, and more, based on your specific needs.
  • Multi-step, Multi-page and Workflows of forms.
  • Tangible Data Storage: Utilizes JSON columns in modern databases to save each form submission as a single row, simplifying data management and ensuring robust storage.

Transform Form Design

Form Reform makes forms as easy to layout as pages and as straightforward to style as blocks. With Form Reform the design limitations of traditional form builders become a thing of the past, empowering you to create forms that truly match your site's aesthetic and functional requirements.

Rethink Submission Processing

With Form Reform, you gain complete control over form submissions. Configure a pipeline of handlers for each form to perform various actions such as spam checks, data validation, email notifications, data saving, and even complex operations like geocoding or CRM integration.

Simplify Data Management

Say goodbye to complicated and fragmented form data storage. Form Reform's default approach to saving data in a single table row per submission ensures that your form data is easily accessible, simple to manage and easy to integrate with other applications, even for the most complex forms.

Extensions and Integrations

  • Form Reform Display: A free extension for filtering and displaying form results.
  • Snapshot: Enhances forms with file upload, webcam capture, and screengrab functionalities.
  • Form Reform Dynamics: Integrate forms with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for lead management.
  • Form Reform Image Picker: Add image selection capabilities to your forms.
  • Form Reform Data Picker: Add data selection capabilities to your forms.
  • Form Reform Developer: Offers diagnostic tools for developers and power users.
  • Form Reform Macro: Structure and reuse form pipeline handler sequences.
  • Reviews: Display review, rating, like and vote lists and summaries.

Form Reform is an essential add-on for any site that relies on forms for user interaction, data collection, or any other purpose. By integrating the power and flexibility of the Concrete CMS block system, Form Reform offers an unmatched level of control and ease of use, transforming how you design, process, and manage forms on your website.