Image Link With Content

Image Link with Content Add-On for Concrete CMS

Responsive Image Map

Responsive Image Map Add-On for Concrete CMS

Pages Carousel

The Pages Carousel add-on offers an engaging and visually appealing way to showcase your pages or posts.

Tallacman's Image HR

Informative or decorative horizontal rules


Magic Tabs

Tabs, vertical tabs and accordions for any block type.

Empty Anchor

Add a simple empty anchor to your webpages

Page Redirect

Adds a page attribute to specify a page for redirection

Nestable Manual Nav

Whale Nestable Manual Nav Add-On for Concrete CMS


Stack Planner

The Stack Planner add-on empowers you to schedule the visibility of stacks on your Concrete CMS website with precision.

Responsive Tables

Whale Responsive Tables is a simple table designer that allows you to build fully responsive tables.

Add Multiple Pages

Quickly create a large number of pages on a site

Location Map

Google Maps Location Addon: Enhance Your Site with Interactive Maps