Form Reform Display

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Blocks and templates for presenting form submissions in an organized and accessible manner

Form Reform Display enhances the functionality of Form Reform forms on your website without requiring any coding knowledge.

Form Reform Display provides a comprehensive suite of blocks and templates for presenting form submissions in an organized and accessible manner and a dashboard report generator for reviewing form submission and downloading CSV files.


  • Summarizing Block: A bock dedicated to summarizing the completion status of forms, enabling users to track their progress through multiple forms.
  • Result Filtering and Listing Blocks: Includes blocks designed for filtering and listing form results, allowing for fine tuned display of form data.
  • Individual Result Display Blocks: Provides blocks for showcasing individual form results.
  • Definition List, Table and plain content Templates: Comes with templates for displaying form submissions in a variety of useful formats.
  • Customizable Display Options: Which form fields are displayed, their labels, and the sequence of display are fully configurable through block edit dialogues, offering a high degree of customization.
  • Universal Content Puller Plugin: Features a plugin for Universal Content Puller, enabling the pulling of form results from Form Reform for enhanced content integration (note: this requires Universal Content Puller).
  • No-Code Solutions for Display and Navigation: Facilitates the display of form results as tables or lists and guide visitors through multi-page forms without any coding requirements.
  • Custom Block Templates: Allows for the addition of custom block templates to suit unique formatting needs, enhancing the flexibility of form result presentation.
  • Development Guide: Serves as a valuable resource for developers looking to create custom uses of form results, with live examples and documentation provided for reference.
  • Report Generator: A dashboard page to create, manage and run reports on form results and download reports as CSV files.

Form Reform Display stands out as a versatile and user-friendly solution for managing and presenting submissions from Form Reform, catering to both non-technical users and developers seeking to customize and extend capabilities.