Omni Gallery

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Many ways to list images. Many galleries and sliders to display them.

Omni Gallery is the ultimately flexible gallery and slider system, revolutionising the way you manage and display image galleries, sliders and carousels. Display files, filesets, folders, web site pages, users, express objects, calendar events and more as galleries and sliders.

Key Features

  • Versatile Image Lists: Offers multiple methods for selecting images, including individual images, filesets, folders, system directories, user/page/event attributes, Express attributes and even Community Store products, providing a comprehensive solution for all gallery and slider needs.
  • Massive Display Options: Choose from an extensive array of display widgets including core image sliders and galleries, glider, swiper, cycle2, masonry, cards, owl, Vegas background slider, and many more, each offering unique styling and functionality.
  • Expandable and Pluggable Architecture: Easily integrate additional image selectors and display widgets, thanks to Omni Gallery's fully expandable architecture.
  • Advanced Filtering: Filter images by size and type, ensuring that only the most relevant and appropriate content is displayed.
  • Massive Collection Handling: Efficiently manage and display vast collections of images, from just a few to tens of thousands, with features like pagination, lazy loading, and lightbox overlays.
  • Customizable Titles and Descriptions: Select titles and captions from any image property or attribute, including file-embedded EXIF data.
  • Easy Configuration Sharing: Export and import Omni Gallery settings for reuse across pages or sites, simplifying the replication of galleries and sliders.

Use Cases

Omni Gallery is ideal for a wide range of applications, from business websites showcasing products and services to personal blogs displaying photography collections. Whether you need to create a hero slider for your homepage, user-friendly carousel, a dynamic gallery for event photos, a staff directory or an interactive slider for customer testimonials, Omni Gallery provides the tools and flexibility to achieve your image display goals with style.