Add Multiple Pages

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Quickly create a large number of pages on a site

This add-on is a time-saving tool for situations where a sitemap has already been planned. It allows for the bulk creation of pages simply by pasting a list of page names. Once installed, it integrates seamlessly into the Sitemap section of the Dashboard, offering a straightforward process for adding new pages en masse. Users can specify page types, the location within the sitemap, and the page template to be used, along with the option to create nested pages through indentation. The add-on also provides default settings for page types, such as excluding pages from navigation.


  • Enables bulk creation of website pages by pasting a list of names, streamlining site development.
  • Integrated within the Sitemap section of the Dashboard for easy access and use.
  • Allows selection of page type, sitemap location, and page template for new pages.
  • Supports the creation of nested pages through the use of dashes for indentation.
  • Includes default page type settings, like the option to exclude pages from navigation.
  • Released under an MIT license and available for download on GitHub, making it accessible for various projects including non-profit and free sites.
  • Offers a marketplace version with easy install and updating features for users who wish to support the developers.