Ortho Theme

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Clean, highly flexible and suitable for any type of business.

Ortho theme is designed for businesses requiring a sleek, clean, and easy-to-build website. Utilizing the bootstrap framework with a mobile-first approach, it is specifically crafted to be mobile responsive, ensuring optimal rendering across various platforms. This theme offers flexibility with multiple layouts, page types, elements, and typography options, allowing customization to align with your business's branding and image. Developed by Datasouth, this theme ensures dynamic and responsive support.


  • 7 autonav block custom templates
  • 1 core_conversation block custom template
  • 2 FAQ block custom templates
  • 7 feature block custom templates
  • 2 form block custom templates
  • 4 image block custom templates
  • 3 image slider block custom templates
  • 12 pagelist block custom templates
  • 3 search block custom templates
  • 1 share_this_page block custom template
  • 4 social_links block custom templates
  • 3 tags block custom templates
  • 6 call to action buttons
  • Integration with Google Fonts
  • Mobile/Responsive ready

Datasouth Custom Blocks & Templates:

  • ds_multiple_testimonial: fourcolumn_about, testimonial_slider
  • ds_schedinfo: schedinfo_card, schedinfo_justified