Cosmos Theme

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An elegant, highly flexible and suitable for any type of business.

The Cosmos theme, developed by Datasouth, is designed for businesses requiring a sleek, clean, and easy-to-build site. Utilizing the Bootstrap framework, it employs a mobile-first approach, ensuring the theme is responsive and displays beautifully across various platforms. This flexibility allows for multiple layouts, various pagetypes, elements, and typography choices, giving you a broad scope to tailor your website according to your business's branding and image. Datasouth ensures dynamic and responsive support for all queries.

Theme Features:

  • 6 Different Page Types: Offers a variety of layouts to accommodate different types of content.
  • 14 Custom PageList Templates: Provides a wide range of options for listing pages.
  • 6 Custom AutoNav Templates: Various designs for site navigation menus.
  • 7 Custom Feature Templates: Special templates for highlighting important features.
  • 1 Custom Conversation Template: Engages users in discussions or comments.
  • 2 Custom Image Slider Templates: For showcasing images in a dynamic format.
  • 2 Custom FAQ Templates: Organize frequently asked questions effectively.
  • 2 Custom Search Templates: Enhanced search functionalities for better user experience.
  • 2 Custom Form Templates: For creating various online forms.
  • 4 Custom Image Templates: Enhanced options for displaying images.
  • 1 Custom Share This Page Template: Encourages content sharing.
  • 4 Custom Social Links Templates: Integrates social media into your site.
  • 1 Custom Tags Template: For organizing content with tags.
  • 4 Call to Action Buttons: Prompts users to take actions.
  • Uses Google Fonts: Wide range of typography options.
  • Mobile/Responsive Ready: Ensures the site is accessible on all devices.

Datasouth Custom Blocks & Its Templates:

  • ds_faq_alternate: Includes templates like alternate_collapsible, alternate_expand, and tab_content.
  • ds_multiple_testimonial: Templates include fourcolumn_about and testimonial_slider.
  • ds_typing_text: Adds animated typing effect to text elements.