A Thousand Words

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When your message is visual. A Thousand Words is a visually driven theme, emphasizing the power of imagery to convey messages more effectively than text alone.

Designed for use with concrete5, it is ideal for showcasing large, impactful images. This theme is optimized for integration with the MrKDilkington plugin to enhance background imagery and offers various page templates to suit different content layouts.


  • Theme Concept: Emphasizes large, expressive images over text, ideal for visual storytelling or showcasing art.
  • Compatibility: Specifically built for seamless integration over a base Elemental install in concrete5.
  • Page Templates: Includes three layouts - left sidebar, right sidebar, and center - catering to different content presentation needs. The center layout is particularly suited for full-page imagery.
  • Navigation: Incorporates the "Slicknav" template for a compact, efficient top-page autonav area, accessible via a menu icon.
  • Sidebar Dynamics: Adjusts the position of the sidebar content relative to the main area based on the chosen page template for better image visibility.
  • Background Enhancement: Optimized for use with "MrKDilkington - Full Screen Background Image and Overlay" for stunning full-screen background images.
  • Lead Area: Features a special 'Lead' area atop the main content for highlighting important information without obscuring the background image.