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FoxyBox is a theme that embraces the concept of utilizing a full image background to create visually striking web pages.

This theme is particularly suitable for websites aiming to make a bold impact with large, captivating images that set the tone and atmosphere of the site.


  • Full Image Background: Designed to support full image backgrounds, FoxyBox allows each page to feature expansive, eye-catching images that define the visual style of your site.
  • Special Area for Background Add-ons: Each page includes a designated area at the bottom to accommodate full image background add-ons available from the marketplace, enhancing the theme's flexibility and adaptability.
  • Four Page Types: FoxyBox is equipped with four ready-to-use page types to meet diverse design needs:
    • Full: The default full template offering maximum space for content and images.
    • Foxy: Features ten areas for images or other types of content, providing versatility in layout design.
    • Thinner: A slimmer version of the Full template, allowing more of the background to show through.
    • Narrow: An even slimmer template than Thinner, maximizing background visibility.
  • Additional Templates: Includes essential templates like view, Page Not Found (404), and Page Forbidden (403) for comprehensive site navigation and user experience.
  • Slicknav Menu: Comes with a custom template for the top menu known as Slicknav, which implements the mobile-friendly "hamburger" menu style, ensuring your site is navigable on all devices.

FoxyBox is an ideal theme for photographers, artists, and businesses wishing to showcase their portfolio or products against the backdrop of striking imagery. Its emphasis on full image backgrounds paired with practical layout options makes it a compelling choice for creating memorable online experiences.