Responsive Image Map

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Responsive Image Map Add-On for Concrete CMS

The Responsive Image Map add-on for Concrete CMS revolutionizes the way you present interactive images on your website. This block allows you to transform static images into engaging, clickable areas known as "hotspots," linking to various pages, files, or external URLs. The distinctive feature of this add-on is its responsiveness: the image map adapts to screen size changes, ensuring that hotspots remain accurately placed relative to the image content.

Key Features:

  • Responsive Design: Ensures that your image maps work flawlessly across devices of varying screen sizes, maintaining hotspot integrity and placement.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Provides an intuitive interface for creating and editing hotspots directly on your images within Concrete CMS.
  • Versatile Linking Options: Offers the flexibility to link hotspots to different types of content, enhancing your site's navigation and user engagement.
  • SVG Support: Employs SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) for crisp, scalable hotspots that don't lose quality as they resize.
  • IE8 Support: Includes an alternative template for compatibility with older browsers such as Internet Explorer 8, ensuring accessibility for users on legacy systems.