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The Pages Carousel add-on offers an engaging and visually appealing way to showcase your pages or posts.

Perfect for highlighting your latest blog posts, news articles, or featured pages, this add-on provides a dynamic sliding carousel that is sure to grab your visitors' attention. Designed to be fully responsive, Pages Carousel ensures your content looks great on all devices, from desktops to smartphones, enhancing user experience and engagement.


  • Responsive Design: Adapts seamlessly to different screen sizes, ensuring your carousel looks perfect on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Touch and Swipe Support: Offers 100% touch and swipe support, making navigation through the carousel intuitive and user-friendly on touch-screen devices.
  • Compatibility with Themes: Works out of the box with several popular Concrete CMS themes, including the new Atomik theme, Elemental, Replica Pro, Motif, Journey, and various Crista themes.
  • Attractive Default Designs: Each template includes a default design, providing a professional and stylish appearance for your carousel without the need for additional customization.
  • PHP 7.4+ and PHP 8 Compatibility: Ensures that the add-on works smoothly on modern web hosting environments and is future-proof for upcoming PHP versions.

Themes Supported:

  • NEW: Default ConcreteCMS Atomik theme. (Demo)
  • Replica Shop. (Demo)
  • Replica Pro theme. (Demo)
  • Motif theme. (Demo)
  • Journey theme. (Demo)
  • Subatomik theme. (Demo)
  • Crista theme:
    • Crista Spa (Demo).
    • Crista Health (Demo).
    • Crista Business (Demo).
    • Crista Photo (Demo).
    • Crista Construction (Demo).
    • Crista Education (Demo).
    • Crista Hotel (Demo).

Usage Scenarios:

  • Homepages and Landing Pages: Make a strong first impression by showcasing featured or recent posts prominently on your site’s main page.
  • Blog Sections: Cycle through your latest or most popular blog entries, encouraging visitors to explore more content.
  • Portfolio Displays: Present your portfolio pieces in an engaging, scrollable format, ideal for artists, photographers, and designers.
  • Event Highlights: Display upcoming events or recaps of past events in an interactive carousel format.

By integrating the Pages Carousel add-on into your Concrete CMS site, you can significantly enhance the visual appeal and interactivity of your website, encouraging visitors to engage with your content and stay longer on your site.