Form Reform Developer

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Resources to assist developing blocks, handlers and more complex forms for Form Reform.

Form Reform Developer complements Form Reform by offering additional diagnostic tools and logging capabilities. It's particularly useful for those extending Form Reform through handler plugins or new form blocks, as well as for developers tackling the challenges of creating complex forms. By providing insights into the form's backend processes, Form Reform Developer aids in efficiently identifying and solving issues.


  • Form Structure Analysis and Validation: Offers tools to review and validate the form's structure, helping developers catch common errors like misnamed inputs or handler issues in the submit pipeline.
    • Validate Form Structure Handler: Identifies incorrectly named inputs and forms.
    • Developer Tab in Submit Block Dialogue: Allows for analysis of the form and its current submit pipeline.
    • Form Analysis Button: Located in the main toolbar for analyzing all forms and submit pipelines on the current page, including those in or out of edit mode using the last saved blocks.
  • Logging and Diagnostic Handlers: Enhances Form Reform by providing handlers that output the current content of StaticDataValues to both a form output message and the site log. This feature is crucial for developers to understand the available {{category:key}} placeholders at any point in the handler pipeline.
  • Differences Between Developer Tab and Form Analysis Button: The Developer Tab focuses on the analysis of the current form and pipeline, while the Form Analysis button expands this analysis to all forms and pipelines on the page, which is particularly useful for pages with multi-step or multiple forms.
  • Dashboard Pages for Enhanced Development:
    • Plugin Dialogue Explorer: Found under Dashboard > System & Settings > Form Reform, this tool provides a browsable reference of the edit dialogue for all form handlers, aiding in the development of custom handlers.
    • Block Dialogue Explorer: Similar to the Plugin Dialogue Explorer, this tool offers a reference for the dialogue and view of all form blocks, facilitating the development of new form blocks or the modification of existing ones.

These tools make Form Reform Developer an indispensable asset for developers seeking to effectively troubleshoot complex forms or extend Form Reform's capabilities.