Enlil Page List

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Page List With Dynamic Attribute Filtering

Enlil Page List Block:

• Filter By Page Type, Template & Theme

• Explicitly Include/Exclude External Links

• Include System & Unapproved Pages (Dashboard & Drafts)

• Optional Pagination Canonicalization

• Exclude/Un-Link Current Page

• Intelligent List Shuffling

• Sort By Text, Number, & Date Attributes

• Filter By Date, Topic, Checkbox, Select (Option List), Number, Text, Text Area, Page Selector, & File Attributes

• Filter By User (Current, Select, Profile, Author & Attribute)

• Filter By Number of Child Pages

• Filter By Keywords (Search, Input & Attribute)

• Filter Values Can Be 'Equal To' OR 'Not Equal To'

• Filter Multiple Select/Topic Attributes By AND/OR

Enlil Page List Search Block:

• Optional Title Via Text Or Page Attribute

• Optional Submit Button With Text & Class

• Use <Text> Or <Search> Input

• Optional Input Focus

See Full Documentation & Screenshots (In Progress) At: