Bitter Theme

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Presenting the Bitter Theme, designed for corporate websites using the Bedrock framework and optimized for version 9, this theme sets a high standard with its complete GDPR compliance and ethical digital practices.

Introducing the Bitter Theme, a sophisticated corporate theme designed for Concrete CMS version 9 and above. The Theme is GDPR-compliant and integrates advanced privacy features, such as conditional map loading and delayed tracking cookie deployment, pending on user consent.

This theme incorporates features that adhere to the strictest privacy regulations, ensuring ethical usage of cookies and third-party services by requiring user consent before activation. The Bitter Theme is optimized for seamless performance across all mobile devices and works flawlessly across all modern browsers and devices, thanks to its fully responsive design.

Furthermore, the theme provides a multilingual setup to cater to a global audience, making it an excellent choice for websites targeting diverse regions. The easy, one-click installation process quickly sets up sample content, allowing users to start using the theme immediately. The Bitter Theme is designed for seamless integration and optimal performance, enhancing both functionality and compliance, making it an ideal choice for any Concrete CMS project.