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A blank page theme with absolutely no css or styling.

Themeless is a unique non-theme designed for specific use cases where no CSS or styling is required. This barebones approach makes it ideal for embedding pages within iframes or for testing blocks in a clean, style-free environment.

Basic Use:

  • Selective Application: Themeless should not be applied site-wide but instead used selectively for specific pages.
  • Compatibility with Layouts: Avoid applying Themeless to pages that already have layouts.
  • Template Support: Themeless comes with a single default page template and a view.php compatible with single pages.
  • Auto-collapsing area names aligned with the Elemental theme.
    • Page Header
    • Main
    • Sidebar
    • Page Footer

Important Notes:

  • No Global Areas: Themeless does not support global areas and is not intended for widespread use across a site.
  • Dashboard Functionality: A dedicated dashboard page under Pages & Themes > Themes > Themeless is available for further management. This includes options to disable core features such as the menu bar, dashboard panel, and other attachments for a cleaner page environment.

Themeless is the go-to solution when a no-frills, style-free environment is needed for development, testing, or integration purposes.