Enlil Search Templates

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Custom templates to enhance the functionality of the Core Search Block

Enlil Search Templates builds upon the legacy "Search Block Templates" add-on. It is geared towards users who wish to customize their search experiences within Concrete CMS, offering a range of templates for various search functionalities.


  • Version 9 Compatibility: Ensures that all templates are compatible with version 9 of Concrete CMS.
  • Available Templates:
    • Results Only: Focuses on displaying search results without the search input field.
    • Search Only: Provides a template to display only the search input field.
    • Search Only Focus: Offers a search input field with automatic focus.
    • Search Only X: Similar to the Search Only template but omits the searchPaths[] parameter in the query, ideal for simple external queries.
    • Search Only X Focus: Combines the focus feature with the exclusion of searchPaths[] in the query for a more directed search experience.
  • X Templates: Designed for sending simple queries to external systems like a Page List that doesn't require filterByPath() and, as such, doesn't need the searchPaths[] parameter.
  • Version History:
    • Initial upload to PRB for review.
    • Update to modernize deprecated code and tweak templates for improved display across both v8/9 Elemental and Atomik themes in Concrete CMS.

This add-on is available in the Concrete CMS Marketplace and can also be found at c5magic.co.uk, offering users a versatile set of tools for customizing their search functionality within the Concrete CMS environment.