Installation Instructions1. Unzip this file in your site's packages/ directory.2. Login to your site as an administrator.3. Find the "Add Functionality" page in your dashboard.4. Find this package in the list of packages awaiting installation.5. Click the "install" button.

This theme is developed with simplicity in mind. It is designed to be a simple installation and activation for users with little or no technical expertise who want something up and running quickly. If you want to know more about how it's been developed, here is some basic information.

Uses the Bootstrap 3 Framework Standard HTML5 doctype Typography css houses all typography related css from headings to paragraphs and font-sizes to font-colors Main css houses all customizable elements Includes the following page types (full, left sidebar, right sidebar(home), three column)

This theme is pretty straight forward. This theme comes with its own sample content. During installation it will ask you to swap data with this theme's sample content. It's really up to you but we highly recommend installing along with sample content, that way you will only have to replace the installed content with your own. Bootstrap Grid This theme is setup with bootstrap gridding. you can add responsive grids inside your areas by clicking the area and click add layout. This would prompt a grid option box. Select twitter bootstrap as your grid framework and select a column. You could drag the green block around to adjust what grid column sizes you want. Customizing Colours and Backgrounds Put your site on edit mode and click the gear icon on the upper right. Click Designs and click Customize. You should see color pickers corresponding to this theme's elements. To get a better feel of our theme visit the Demo Site