Stack Planner

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The Stack Planner add-on empowers you to schedule the visibility of stacks on your Concrete CMS website with precision.

This tool is perfect for site administrators who want to control when specific content appears on their site, whether for promotional purposes, event announcements, or regular content updates. With Stack Planner, you can set exact dates and times for when individual stacks should be displayed, ensuring your content is timely and relevant without constant manual updates.


  • Scheduled Visibility: Define the exact date and time when stacks should appear or be hidden on your website.
  • Flexibility: Use Stack Planner for any type of content within stacks, including announcements, promotions, event details, or routine content changes.
  • Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrates with your existing Concrete CMS site and stacks, maintaining the site's look and functionality.
  • Enhanced Content Management: Automate content updates, reducing the need for manual intervention and ensuring that your site remains fresh and relevant.

Usage Scenarios:

  • Marketing Campaigns: Schedule stacks to appear in line with your marketing campaigns, ensuring that promotional content is only displayed at the appropriate times.
  • Event Announcements: Set up stacks to inform visitors about upcoming events and automatically remove them once the event date has passed.
  • Seasonal Content: Plan ahead by scheduling stacks to show seasonal greetings, offers, or information, such as holiday hours or special events.
  • Content Rotation: Work in tandem with Stack Infinity to rotate different stacks according to schedule, keeping the site content diverse and engaging.