Simple Gallery

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Simple Gallery is responsive and easy-to-use image gallery based on selected File Set. Get it now for free!


  • File Set Based Galleries: Enables creation of galleries from selected File Sets.
  • Lightbox Feature: Integrates Magnific Popup for a comprehensive lightbox solution.
  • Image Customization: Offers the ability to display original or resized images, adjusting thumbnails or fullscreen images as needed.
  • Layout Control: Allows customization of thumbnail and fullscreen image dimensions.
  • Responsive Design: Supports setting different numbers of columns for various device types (phone, tablet, desktop).
  • Spacing Adjustment: Provides the option to set the space between images.
  • Lightbox Captions: Various methods are available for displaying captions within the lightbox, including no captions, captions based on File Titles, common captions based on Page Name, or a universal common caption.
  • Image Organization: Facilitates the ordering and assignment of images to File Sets via the "File Manager"/"File Sets" dashboard pages, with direct links available for easy access while editing the block.

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