Nestable Manual Nav

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Whale Nestable Manual Nav Add-On for Concrete CMS

The Whale Nestable Manual Nav provides an enhanced navigation solution for Concrete CMS, allowing designers and developers to create custom navigation menus with ease. This add-on is perfect for those who require detailed control over their site's navigation structure, offering the ability to manually select, order, and nest page links according to specific design and usability requirements.


  • Manual Link Selection: Choose any pages from your site to include in the navigation menu, bypassing the limitations of automatic navigation population.
  • Customizable Order and Nesting: Arrange your selected pages in any order and create nested structures for a hierarchical menu design.
  • Easy-to-Style Output: Generates a plain unordered list (and tags) that can be easily styled using your theme's CSS, providing flexibility in design and integration.
  • Compatibility with Core Auto-Nav Block: Adheres to the same template structure as the core auto-nav block, ensuring a seamless transition and integration without the need for additional redesign.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Offers an intuitive interface within the Concrete CMS dashboard for effortless navigation setup and modifications.

Use Cases:

  • Custom Site Structures: Ideal for websites that require a non-standard navigation hierarchy or the inclusion of custom links that don't fit into automatic navigation logic.
  • Landing Pages and Special Sections: Perfect for organizing navigation for landing pages, special projects, or promotional sections that require distinct menu items.
  • Themed Navigation: Allows for the creation of themed or seasonal navigation menus that can be easily updated or reverted without affecting the site's primary navigation structure.