Jackie O

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Jackie O is an elegant and sophisticated ConcreteCMS theme that emphasizes simplicity, elegance, and subtlety.

It's designed for those who appreciate understated beauty and wish to present their content in a clear, refined manner. The theme employs bespoke typography, specifically the "Raleway" font from Google Fonts, ensuring your message is delivered with clarity and style.


  • Elegance and Subtlety: Jackie O's design focuses on being well-behaved and subtle, making it perfect for sites that prefer an elegant approach.

  • Customizations: A variety of customization options are available, allowing you to tailor the theme to fit your personal or brand style.

  • Bespoke Typography: Utilizes "Raleway" from Google Fonts to give your text a distinctive and clear voice.

  • Compatibility with Elemental Theme: All areas present in the default Elemental theme are available in Jackie O, facilitating effortless migration and integration with Concrete5’s full content install.

  • Custom CSS: Provides the ability to add custom CSS to any or all pages, such as altering the header height for greater personalization.

Jackie O is the ideal theme for those looking to combine the functionality and flexibility of Concrete5 with a design that speaks of understated class and elegance. Whether for personal blogs, business websites, or artistic portfolios, Jackie O offers a serene and polished backdrop to your content.