Enlil Stack Link

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Quick access to stack editing

Enlil Stack Link enables efficient navigation and editing capabilities for Concrete CMS users by providing quick access to stack editing, irrespective of the user's page editing permissions. This tool is particularly useful for those with content edit permissions on stacks, offering a streamlined workflow for managing content within stacks. It ensures compatibility with Version 9 of Concrete CMS and operates seamlessly with a fresh installation, primarily catering to the "Administrators" User Group. However, for broader application, additional permissions need to be set for other users or groups to edit individual stacks.


  • Quick Editing Access: Allows users to quickly jump to the Dashboard Stack Edit dialogue for stacks they have permission to edit, enhancing content management efficiency.
  • Version 9 Compatibility: Confirmed compatibility with Concrete CMS Version 9.0.0a3 and 9.0.0RC2, ensuring reliability and seamless integration.
  • Restrictive Placement: Designed to prevent the placement of Stack Link Blocks in page areas, global areas, or the clipboard in edit mode, which reinforces content integrity and structure.
  • User/Group Permissions Flexibility: While inherently serving administrators, it permits extension of editing capabilities to other users or groups through appropriate permissions settings in the Dashboard for Stacks and Global Areas.
  • Version Evolution: Includes updates from its initial review version ( to becoming Version 9 ready (, introducing features such as boolean input types, button style enhancements, block validation, and restrictions on block placement in global areas.