Enlil Page Tease

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This powerful feature allows you to tease any area from any page.

Provides a unique way to link and display content across your site. The block supports full customization, including display options for titles, dates, and descriptions.


  • Standalone Block: Introduces the "Enlil Page Tease" block for versatile content display.
  • Custom Page Type: Includes a "Page Tease" page type tailored for use with this add-on.
  • Multiple Page Templates: Offers three "Page Tease" page templates for different layout options.
  • Core Page List Block Templates: Enhances the default Page List block with 4+ new templates.
  • Enlil Page List Block Templates: Provides 6+ templates for a customized Enlil Page List Block experience.
  • Pages Carousel Templates: Comes with 6 custom templates designed for creating pages carousels.
  • Global and Detailed Control: A dashboard page for globally or specifically disabling teasing to prevent recursion and debug issues.

Page Types and Templates

  • Page Tease: A dedicated page type for utilizing page tease functionality.
  • Page Templates: Choose from "Page Tease Full," "Page Tease Left," and "Page Tease Right" templates, all compatible with the Elemental theme and designed for engaging content presentation.

Page List Templates

  • Diverse Display Options: Templates like "Page Tease," "Page Tease List," and "Page Tease Main" allow for varied content teasing options, adhering to standard page list display settings.

Usage Considerations

  • Recursion Awareness: Includes safety measures to alert administrators of potential recursion or when teasing is disabled.
  • Compatibility Considerations: Advises on the use of Core Area Layouts and Containers, with options to disable specific block types via dashboard settings.

With its robust feature set, Enlil Page Tease is ideal for sites that require dynamic content presentation. From e-commerce platforms showcasing products to educational sites linking to various resources, this add-on provides a creative and effective way to enhance user engagement and content discoverability.