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The ultimate dropdown, slide in and lightbox button maker

The ultimate dropdown, slide-in, and lightbox button maker is a versatile tool designed to enhance website navigation and content presentation through various popup mechanisms. This tool allows for the application of bootstrap dropdown templates, lightbox overlay templates, and slide-out templates, thereby creating dynamic button popups. It's tailored to work seamlessly with core Autonav and other navigation blocks, enabling the popup of content blocks, stacks, or Universal Content Puller elements with ease. Users can customize button icons, text, and design through a new 'Button Design' option in the block edit dropdown, ensuring a coherent and attractive design.


  • Versatile Popup Mechanisms: Includes dropdown, lightbox overlay, and slide-out functionalities to enrich user interaction.
  • Compatibility and Requirements: Supports php7.3+ and is compatible with php8+, catering to a wide range of server environments.
  • Extensive Block and Template Support: Works with Core Autonav, Core File, Core Content, Core Youtube blocks, Stack display, Manual Nav, Nestable Manual Nav, Universal Content Puller, Omni Gallery, and Navigation Button block.
  • Easy Customization: Offers an easy dialog for configuring button styles, including size, color, and icon with standard bootstrap options. Options for dropdown alignment and direction extend the customization capabilities.
  • Bootstrap and Beyond: Primarily designed for Bootstrap-based themes but also capable of working with other themes, subject to compatibility discussions.
  • Enhanced Navigation and Content Presentation: Ideal for main navigation on mobile sites, adding visually distinct header navigation, localized page navigation, attaching navigation elements to browser windows, and popping up various content types.
  • Integration with Buttons Factory Pro: If available, users can apply button themes from Buttons Factory Pro, adding further customization options.